National Stepfamily Day

15 Sep

September 16th is National Stepfamily Day.  Celebrate your family, whether it be the one you were raised in or the one you’re raising now!!  Here are some suggestions on activities taken directly from the National Stepfamily Day website:

  • Have a family portrait taken
  • Dinner and a Movie
  • Make a “Blending of the Sand Bottle” Buy a long and narrow bottle. Buy small packages of colored sand. ( you can buy the bottle and sand and local craft stores) Have each member of the family pick a different color. Then layer by layer have each member pour their colored sand in the bottle. The bottle represents one united family.
  • Game Night (play cards or your favorite board games)
  • Make a Photo Scrapbook. Have each member make their page.
  • Go to the zoo, library, museum, or art museum.
  •  Do a family activity like fishing, back yard camping, hiking, flash-light hiking (hiking at night) biking, miniature golf, softball, volleyball, horseback riding, bowling, or go for a long walk.
  • Make a dinner that consist of everyone’s favorite foods and make this dinner every year for National Stepfamily Day. Set the table like a 4 star restaurant.
  •   For Stepfamily members who live far away, write them a postcard or an email.
  • Make homemade ice cream or go out for ice cream
  • Make “smores” in the fireplace or outdoors.
  • Plant an indoor garden and watch it grow. Or plant fall bulbs. Start a Family cookbook. Write personal notes after each recipe about the individual family member’s favorite foods.
  • Start a Family cookbook. Write personal notes after each recipe about the individual family member’s favorite foods.
  • International night. Celebrate your family heritages by eating the traditional heritage foods. Tell your children about your heritage.
  • Take the family to a “family fun spot” in your town.
  • Take a road trip. Fill the car with gas, pack some sandwiches and drinks in the cooler and go for a drive. Sing songs or play car bingo.
  • Plan a Family Room Slumber party. Don’t forget the movies and popcorn!
  • Family “Get A Way” Night. Take the family to a nice hotel and go swimming and enjoy some time away from home.
  • If your family is having some difficulties, (As every family can have) take this day as a time to try to reach out. Write letters to each other on how you would like to see things turn around.
  • Craft Together. Make T-shirts with fabric paints. Buy a Table cloth and with permanent marker have everyone sign the table cloth along with a “positive message” about why I love my family. 

If you get a chance, be sure to send some love to the founder of National Stepfamily Day, Christy Tusing-Borgeld for all the hardwork she does for stepfamilies. 

What are you doing to celebrate?

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