“…and I’m a StepMom.”

9 Mar

"My name is Brigette, and I'm a BioStepMom."

I like Mormons.  I’m Catholic, so admire the LDS hyper-focus on family, and truth be known, I’m jealous of their mega-pantries.  With a potential Republican presidential nominee on the horizon, the “…and I’m a Mormon” ads are all over TV.  I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to have an “…and I’m a Stepmom” campaign?  The goal of the campaign would be to humanize stepmothers and show that we are neither wicked nor evil. Think about it.  Of course I’ve written mine already!  Here it is:

When I found myself divorced at 40-years old with two children, I never imagined that I would become part of a blended family.  Now we have a busy “yours, mine and ours” family of three kids full-time, a total of five every other weekend and most of the time, a couple of extras kids here and there. 

I’m a firm believer that four is the magic number.  Once you get to four kids, it doesn’t matter if you have ten.  They all start to form their own little village.

The rules of my house are simple:  be nice to each other, pick up after yourself and help your younger siblings. 

My kids like to add to our family.  They have lots of friends that they consider part of our family.  My 9-year old daughter will tell you she has six sisters and three brothers.  I guess that’s my influence.  My father’s side is from Hawaii.  We believe in ‘ohana.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child.  And I’ve got a big village.

My name is Brigette.  I work full-time. I’m a compulsive multi-tasker and I’m a BioStepMom.

What would your 30-seconds look like?  Please share in the comments section.

3 Responses to ““…and I’m a StepMom.””

  1. lovefest March 17, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    J.Smith replaced the sacrificial system of the OT Temple with the Marriage Temple. Marriage and Family is their “sacrifice” to god for salvation, not the ancient teaching of both the OT and NT of a substitutionary atonement. The love of family by Mormons is not the result but the means of their salvation, not Christ. Because J. Smith replaced Christ as an all sufficient atonement, their offering will be that of Cain’s.

    • BioStep March 19, 2012 at 9:34 am #

      Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Lauren March 22, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    I fell in love with the type of man I swore I never would love: a father. After much protest and argument with my heart, I gave in and let him love me and loved him back with all of my being.
    His daughters are a beautiful addition to our family of two. We pick up right where we leave off each time we see them again, which, in my opinion, is still never enough time…there will never be enough time.
    The rules of my house are simple: respect one another, pick up after yourself, and always choose love.
    I hope to one day add to our family of four and create a “his and ours” family; one I know the children will adjust to wonderfully. I visualize a family filled with love and happiness, of never using the word “step” or “half” when describing the siblings, and having children who look up to their sweet, wonderful, beautiful, smart, and FABULOUS big sisters.
    I believe I can be a wonderful role model to my bonus daughters.
    I believe we will continue to work our hardest to make sure they know they are loved and cared for from a distance.
    I believe we are beyond blessed and that God will continue to bless us.
    My name is Lauren. I am the proud wife of Josh. I work full-time and my desk is always messy. I have a hard time saying “no” to people and love doing things for others….and I am a stepmom!

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